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   From Our Place        to the Front Line

About the Project

"From our place to the frontline" is a non-profit, independent, overarching project that highlights the extreme violence in Myanmar, which has not been fully covered by international media. That said, this project collects stories and perspectives from the people of Myanmar who are living amidst the escalating violence, as well as international and regional stances and responses to the humanitarian crises. All of these will be communicated through a multimedia project consisting of a series of events and activities centered around a bilingual zine publication. 

Our Mission

Being intrigued by recent youth resistant campaigns against the junta’s brutal imposition in Burma since February 2021, with the premise of “young people in solidarity”, we - a group of Vietnamese undergraduates and artists, with support from Myanmar youths who are fighting at the frontline, decided to initiate a multimedia project that centers around a hybrid artistic - non-scholarly zine publication called “Bên Kia Chiến Tuyến - ငါတို့နေရာမှ ရှေ့တန်းသို့ - From our place to the frontline”. This project is meant to direct attention to the current political turmoil across Burma, with the Southeast Asian youths as the target audience. If there is any profit made from this project, it would be used 100% to funds for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are the victims of military brutality


***Note: IDPs are people who have no other choice but to evacuate into the forests and the neighboring countries since their homes are either torched to ash or no longer safe to live in during military-local defense forces conflicts.

‌A‌ffiliated Organization

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Interim University Council- University of Yangon (IUC-UY)

After the February coup, 338 tutors/professors and 90 officers from the University of Yangon (UY) joined the CDM movement and the junta declared them as fired. On the other hand, a number of those who are supporting the military were transferred to UY. Current university administrators including rectors are working under the military. To form a revolutionary council against them, IUC-UY was formed by the Teachers' Union and Students' Union. IUC-UY is recognized as the legal administrator of UY by National Unity Government (NUG) and we are working accordingly with the NUG Ministry of Education and also independently. IUC-UY has many working processes and has different branches. One of them is International Cooperation Team (ICT) in which we try to connect with overseas universities to support our democratic movements, to fundraise for us, not to accept non-CDM military supporters.

Fulbright Art Lab is a student-run art organization based in Fulbright University Vietnam. Founded in 2018, Art Lab has coordinated numerous events and programs such as film screenings, panel discussions, exhibitions, aiming to create a connection between art labors and communities in Vietnam.

Fulbright Historical Society is an undergraduate community aiming to promote the history discipline and its scholarship. FHS provides history enthusiasts with sufficient support to nurture their interests and abilities to thrive in both an academic and professional setting.

With the generous and enthusiastic support from organizations both within and outside Vietnam, we believe in the possibility and long-term impact of this project.